The Unveiling of Revelation

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- Watching World Events As They Unfold -

>There is tremendous discord among many American Citizens on Health Care Reform.

- A country divided against itself will bring desolation upon itself. -

"...Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand." -Matthew 12:25.


>An unusual storm, labeled as a "freak", causes chaos in Australia's Perth.

"I think from my memory this would be the most severe weather conditions we've had since the famous May storm in 1994, where we had very, very strong winds and a massive loss of power supply," Barnett told public broadcaster ABC.

Floods, landslides, about 160,000 homes lose power, wind gusts of 75 mph, golf ball-size hailstones smashes car windows, traffic light black-outs, office buildings evacuated. Next day, a cyclone hit the Great Barrier Reef coastline on Australia's east, ripping trees out of the ground, smashing boats, and houses.