The Unveiling of Revelation

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spiritual Warriors

THIS TOO SHALL PASS: The people of America shall overcome. The children of Almighty God need to declare war with the Enemy who wants to destroy their testimony. The Enemy's name is widely known and mostly recognized as being Satan. A name that conjures thoughts of evil. It should be well noted that Satan's first name was Lucifer! Angel of Light! He was given authority over the earth before the creation of man. After Lucifer was thrown out of heaven by Michael, he drew a third of angelic followers right along with him. Satan can still easily manifest himself as the Angel of Light. He can and will make wrong choices seem more appealing than the right choices!

Now, in the era of man, Lucifer (satan) is angry with the children of Almighty God. We're all familiar with the events which took place in the Garden of Eden. If not, then ask somebody who is. He is even more furious with the believers who take a stand against evil. His assault is directed at believers. If you are a non-believer, you have nothing to worry about. Lucifer will not attack you if you are spiritually blind. Your troubles will come much later in the master plan.

Believers must declare war on the powers, principalities, and rulers of the darkness of this era. Actions should be taken right now to wage spiritual warfare. The weapons available to believers are weapons of praise, worship, prayer, and intercession to cause the Enemy to retreat!

Why are so many minds quick to label others with negative thinking? The focus appears to be surrounded by a well documented prophecy of a one world government. FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) is created in the minds of non-believers. Lucifer's (satan) power, and limited authority on the earth should not be the focal point. The children of God are focused on the complete victory of Jesus Christ!

Source: Journal of Jonah's Sister
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References: Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 12:17, 17:9-18

This Does Not Make Any Sense To Me!

“There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Everybody in the House of Representatives (and Congress) appears to want to be independent thinkers. In my opinion, each and every one of them symbolize the image of a man, sitting on top of the world, and leaning forward with his head supported by his hand.

When we are left to choose a wrong action from a right action, we fall short of a major plan for our lives. We always miss the mark. Knowledge is easy to those who already understand. It was quite clear to me that Rep. Jeb Hensarling had zero understanding at Capitol Hill on March 24, 2009.

What does make sense? We are quick to label the things that do make sense senseless. And what doesn’t make sense—sensible. How do our senses handle knowledge? Americans heard about economic troubles before they actually saw their finances disappearing. Now, there are many Americans blaming other Americans for the smell of failure that left a bad taste in the lives of those touched by the financial blitz in the world economy!

Who is winning the blame game? I’m sorry to witness that many of us are still learning to divide and conquer. A house divided can and will fall -A nation divided cannot stand! All successful attempts almost succeeded in bankrupting America! Almighty God is still raising-up leaders and working miracles through them. But, Americans first saw this economic crisis coming at what hour, on which day of the month when? We have already been told to WATCH AND PRAY! Did we? Will we do so now? Who was sitting at the financial gates of the world? Who let financial ruin slip through during the watch? Who do we blame? When we repeat the word WHO too many times we risk sounding like owls. If you’re not pointing your fingers at yourself, you do not have a clear understanding of spiritual knowledge. No one knows the Day or Hour. Knowledge is not easy to those whose understanding is only about worldly things.

I pray that many positive thinking Americans will join me in saying, "They (critical thinkers) know not what they say." Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is not being attacked by the critical thinkers. The attack is coming from the "spirit" of critical thinking. On March 24, 2009, Mr. Geithner (probably without realizing it) confirmed a warning about prophetic actions of The Beast From The Sea. The image of a man, sitting on top of a ball symbolizing the world, thinking is a symbol. Warnings have symbols too. The “ten horns” in The Book of Revelation symbolizes political power. The “seven heads” symbolize the source of authority. This beast symbolizes political-social evil. Another, second beast is yet to come---The Beast From The Earth. It will have two horns like a lamb and speak like a dragon. There are many of us who have confused this symbol with movie fantasies based on false knowledge. This nation, the entire world is on a rollercoaster to this next imminent disaster. The second beast will exercise all authority of the first beast causing the earth and all who dwells in it to worship the first beast. This event warns us about fire coming down from heaven!

Who among us have TRUE spiritual knowledge and understanding? The time is now, to reveal the truth to the minds of those who eyes are still blind. President Barack Obama is NOT NOT NOT the antichrist, the Messiah, or whatever people are “blindly” saying about him. Life in America as we know it depends on how we as a nation become our “brothers keeper”. Americans would do well to stand as a nation that is not divided!

Source: Journal of Jonah’s Sister
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References: Proverbs 14:6b, 14:12; Romans 3:23; Matthew 24:42; Revelation 13:11-18