The Unveiling of Revelation


Journey of A Pilgrim

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and browse through Jonahs Sister Journal.  I pray that you'll find my personal experiences to be inspirational for your own life too.  My spiritual journey has been, and still is "awe inspiring" for me.  Each and everyday I pray, "Walk with me Lord, while I'm on this pilgrim's journey..."

~ Jonahs Sister ~
Early one evening, I received a surprise visit from a total complete stranger.  The stranger looked like any normal person would appear to look.  Except, there was only one thing different, and unique looking about this stranger, compared to the other people standing, and sitting around me.  This stanger was uniquely dressed in a crisp white shirt, and tailored black trousers.  He walked up to me, closely stood directly in front of me, and calmly said, "You have a....  about yourself, and you should share it with the world."

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..."
-Psalm 23