The Unveiling of Revelation

Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Britain

Channel 2 News reports about 5:30pm on Monday, April 19, 2010:

Volcanic Ash Cloud is moving towards



  1. Did you know an Icelandic volcano went off just before the French revolution? The ash ruined a lot of their agriculture and made matters worse for the common folk. Hopefully the Lord won't allow anything too terrible to happen to anyone, but let the Lord's will be done, He is sovereign. Blessings to you today.

  2. No, I haven't read anything about that Chris. I'll have to research it. It may relate to the topic I'm writing about in my book. I've been trying to keep up with the scientists (and some others) fear's about the neighbor volcano Katla near (Ay-yah-fyah-lah-yer-kuhl). Katla always (in the past) erupted each time the other one did. And it's long past due. They're saying it was the same historic "Vesuvius" volcano in 79 A.D. that destroyed Pompeii. I have research on that one. Vesuvius was directly related to Bible Prophecy. Well, my days mostly began at sundown. So if anything develops before then, prayerfully the Lord will wake me up:) Blessings to you everyday. I've been busy on Twitter tonight. Hopefully, tonight I'll be able to check all my blogs. Stay Blessed. I've been monitoring your Bible Study. Believe it or not, I'm learning a lot more from your Bible Studies. We never stop growing in the Word. It's amazing that when you think you're at a certain level of understanding, the Lord shows you,"you've only just begun"! I Love it! Good day.